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Relations are Key


Government is one of the most valuable resources Industry can work with. 

Government can also be perceived as one of the greatest challenges, or even sometimes a hurdle, if it is misunderstood by industry. 

Knowing how, when, where, and who to deal and partner with in the various Government agencies is a skill set that only comes with experience and having been there.

It can often be the differentiator between a successful and failed venture.

Our Approach


While many larger firms often employ a full time GR (Government Relations) Manager, the success of that resource is often dependent on their personal connections, their understanding of the operations of a specific level of government (Federal, Provincial or Municipal), and a working knowledge of the programs, procedures, and policies for each government department. 

Having those connections and that knowledge allows Strata-GIR to take you directly to the people, programs and resources you need - when you need them.

Why Us?

 Gary Wood brings over 35 years of experience connecting commercial ventures to government supports. With an in-depth understanding of supply chain, government incentives, assistance programs, offsets and industrial benefits, Gary knows the right people and how to reach them. Gary works with a team of associates and firms that are well versed in Human Resources, Legal Issues, and Government Contracting. There is no better partner than one who knows from experience and who also believes in government “moving at the speed of business”. 

Why StrataGIR

Services and Experience


International Business Experience – China, Bangladesh, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Germany

Business Development Experience  in - A&D, Security, Advanced Manufacturing, Aquaculture, Cyber, Cannabis, Simulation & Training

Identification of and categorizing your supply chain partners in Atlantic Canada for: - A&D, Security, Advanced Manufacturing, Aquaculture, Cyber, Cannabis, Simulation & Training

Direct Relationships


Federal Government - ACOA (Atlantic and Ottawa); DND; CSE; Public Safety; ISED

NB Provincial Government Departments – ONB; Public Safety; DAAF; ERD; EMO; Health; Aboriginal Affairs; PETL; DTI 

NB Municipalities – All Mayors; Chambers of Commerce; Municipal Business Development Mgrs.

Post-Secondary Research – UNB; Dalhousie; UPEI; CCNB; NBCC; CCNB; NSCC

Atlantic Associations – Aerospace and Defence; Municipalities; Manufacturing; Health Research

Atlantic Business Development Orgs – ONB; NSBI; Innovation PEI & Slemon Park

Human Resources Associate


Our HR Associate, Mr. Donald Love, brings over 32 years of public service experience. He served as the Head of Human Resources for Veteran’s Affairs Canada, where he provided strategic oversight on human resources issues including labor relations, recruitment, downsizing, values and ethics, and compensation. He provided strategic advice to the Deputy Minister on a wide range of issues to ensure that Canadian veterans continued to receive care and services from a competent and qualified workforce.

He also served as the Director General of Audit and Evaluation for Veteran’s Affairs Canada, ensuring that the department’s programs and service meet the needs of Canadian veterans, and that these programs and services were delivered in a cost effective and timely manner.

Military Procurement Associate


Greg Leis Consulting - Ottawa

With over 30 years in the Defense and Aerospace industries Greg brings a diverse array of skills, knowledge and leadership to our organization. Areas of expertise include:

1. Business Development: Pursuit & Capture, Shaping of Requirements, Key Influencers, Price-to-Win, Proposals
2. Canadian Government Procurement: Defence Policy, Industrial-Technological Benefits, Key Industrial Capabilities, Value Proposition
3. International Business Development: Explore international opportunities
4. Airworthiness: Both Civil and Military
5. Strategic Planning: Product Line Development, Target Markets, Strategic Partnering
6. Leadership Development: Coaching & Mentoring

When you need...


  • Supply Chain in Atlantic Canada
  • Offsets
  • Research
  • Direct Government Access
  • Support Programs
  • Incentives
  • HR Assistance
  • Legal Assiatance
  • Capture Management

It is not who we know...



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